01 November 2010

Hi Goges November

Hi :)

Hari ni saya sangat gembira, dapat tengok movie & eat sedap-sedap. So best!
For the first time try makan fatty crab dekat Petaling Jaya and it was awesome, sedap gila babas.
Sebenarnya dah lama tak keluar dating dengan kekasih, almost 2 weeks we've been busy with work and such. So we decided to go out for a movie and good food to release stress.
Kiteorang tengok cerita RED it's about CIA agent yang dah retired and movie tu best sangat.

Now dah masuk November hopefully it's a good month for me, and i will start blogging selalu from now on. Sebab rasa mcm dah berhabuk pulak blog ni. Selalu dulu cerita sedih-sedih jer but now nak cerita yang best-best sebab i'm a HAPPY girl. Yeay.

Till then, happy MONDAY & welcome gorgeous November.


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